Meet Dr. Henslin

Dr. Earl Henslin has a doctorate in clinical psychology and is a licensed marriage and family therapist, former part-time faculty member at the Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology at Biola University, La Mirada, California. Dr. Henslin is the author of seven books, and co-author of three books and numerous professional articles. He is a member of several professional organizations and helped in the founding of Overcomers Outreach to aid churches in establishing support groups. He has led seminars and retreats for lay people and professionals nationally and internationally. Dr Henslin has also been involved with coaching executives and helping businesses become “brain-healthy organizations.”

For the past 20 years—working closely with brain imaging research pioneer Daniel G. Amen, MD—Dr. Henslin has been integrating brain imaging into the treatment of psychological, physical, and spiritual problems at his counseling practice, Henslin and Associates, a Christian counseling group in Brea, California.

Dr. Henslin has four married adult children and four lovely granddaughters.

“Over the years I have been quite blessed to have an opportunity to get to know many different leaders in the business and Christian communities. God has blessed me with the opportunity since my twenties to help start or play a role in the development of 14 different non-profit organizations. I have also had the opportunities to consult with various churches helping in the development of new programs, pastor-elder board team building, and leadership development with pastors.”

As a practicing psychotherapist and Christian counselor Dr. Earl Henslin is helping individuals and families in marriage counseling, traumatic stress, addictions, abuse, ADD/ADHD and other issues, with an innovative, state of the art therapeutic approach. Dr. Henslin advocates the use of SPECT scans (single photon emission computerized tomography) as pioneered by Dr. Daniel Amen, to help identify areas of the brain that may not be functioning properly.

“Many Christians I come across in my practice believe that their lack of joy and shortcomings are due to some spiritual or personal failing or character flaw. What Dr. Amen has discovered with SPECT scans is that all brains are wired differently, with most every brain exhibiting some chemistry imbalance. This imbalance, depending on which area of the brain it is located, can have a profound effect on that person’s behavior and emotions. Once that imbalance is identified, a course of action can be implemented to help correct the problem.”

Dr. Henslin is renown for his work in executive coaching and the development of leadership skills. As a teacher and influential speaker Dr. Henslin has appeared internationally speaking on the neurobiology of relationships, addictions, and the importance of leadership in the family and the community. He conducts training seminars and sessions for professionals such as pastors, physicians, and therapists.

“Leadership is an area that has been an interest of mine since my 20’s. Being a leader spiritually, and emotionally in a family or business is no small task. I am sure I will be growing in leadership one moment at a time throughout life.”

Earl has authored inspiring books, helping people understand themselves and their primary relationships better. He is the author of “This is Your Brain on Joy”, This is Your Brain in Love,” “You are Your Father’s Daughter”, “Man to Man,” “Forgiven & Free”, “The Cliff’s Edge: 10 Principles of Business Success”, and is the co-author of “Unlocking Your Family Patterns” and “Inside a Cutter’s Mind”.


How The New Science Of Happiness Can Help You Feel Good And Be Happy

A Revolutionary Program for Balancing Mood, Restoring Brain Health, and Nurturing Spiritual Growth

In this life-altering book, Dr. Earl Henslin reveals that to enjoy our lives to the fullest, to become more loving we need to become more capable of healing and nourishing our brains. This Is Your Brain on Joy shares exciting new findings in neuroscience that are spiritually sound, showing us how to care for our brains.

Now, based on a new science that is emerging, allowing doctors to read brain scans in a new way, psychologist Dr. Earl Henslin releases a book that will help Christians understand brain function and, most importantly, how to care for our brains and experience greater levels of happiness and compassion. This Is Your Brain On Joy: How The New Science Of Happiness Can Help You Feel Good And Be Happy (Thomas Nelson, ISBN: 978-0-7852-2873-8, $22.99) is in stores now.